kind·nessthe state or quality of being kind; a kind act

bad·assto be uncompromising; to be tough

un·compromisingshowing an unwillingness to make concessions with others or to be relentless

toughstrong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough or careless handling


Being a kind person in our world today, takes being a #badass!

Let's all be tough enough to withstand greed, hate, and negativity.
Let's be tough enough to rectify all the careless handling we have done to our earth, our community, and our people.

Today, we can no longer compromise with how the world is. We need to take action, and reach out to those in need. We can no longer look away or pretend everything is ok. The animals, the environment, the people, and the WORLD need us more than ever before. Be relentless to your environment, because #kindness is free, and you can give an act of kindness at any scale, regardless of your circumstances. No matter how small or grand your act of kindness, it may have a spectacular outcome...and that, is #badass!